Jill, Waukesha County

Many absentee ballots not signed.

Rudy, Waukesha County

Three primary problems observed:Poll lists are not being reconciled, except when the number of ballots exceeds the number of voters. Thus, they are playing favorites with some poll lists.Votes are not being rejected where the voter did not sign the poll list. They are finding very few of these because they are not doing poll list reconciliations.They are accepting absentee votes where the envelope was not witnessed. If the ballot originated with the city, per a slight difference in the voter's name label, they are accepting these as "witnessed."

Amber, Waukesha County

This is a report from the hotline in Madison. An observer called in to report that the municipality of Oconomowoc provided to the Waukesha recount many ballots without election officials' initials on the ballots. The observer I spoke with had not noted the ward(s) in which this problem occurred, or whether it affected only absentee ballots, only regular ballots, or all ballots. I don't know whether the observer objected. She asked a recount worker and was told that the Waukesha recount was following statutes on voter intent and counting the votes on the uninitialed ballots. Ideally, we would know the extent of this problem (uninitialled ballots), and whether election officials were failing to initial ballots in only one Oconomowoc reporting unit or many. Ideally, someone would investigate to determine the possibility of ballot substitution, though it would be truly inept fraud to fail so obviously to make the fraudulent ballots look like real ones.

Amber, Waukesha County

There is one machine on site where observers are not being allowed access to observe. All day there appears to be issues of resistance to accommodate the observers. They would like legal assistance. I did speak with -- and she said that legal has reviewed this issue, and unfortunately it is legal as long as observers have been given access to the ballots prior to the machine count.

Susan, Waukesha County

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Sue, Waukesha County

Observers at the 2016 Waukesha county recount were asked to stand behind yellow tape that had been placed on the floor. This request made it impossible for observers to see presidential candidate votes on ballots. The rule forced people to stand too far away from the tabulators and the Waukesha Board of Canvassers to effectively hear relevant conversations. The distance also made it unrealistic for public observers to be able to follow the recount of the presidential votes because they could not see tge fine print on the ballots accurately if at all. Continue reading

Vera, Waukesha County

1. The county added (comparing to Sunday) restriction to the number of representatives. It is impossible to go to bathroom without signing out, and when I was back I was told no more representatives are allowed.2. Tabulators have stopped answering questions. They did answer on Sunday, but stopped on Monday, referring to board of canvassers.

Sue, Waukesha County

Photos of tabulators at the 2016 presidential recount in Waukesha, WI counting New Berlin absentee ballots. Many of the New Berlin absentee ballots were processed incorrectly on the night of the 2016 election. There were at least 4 tables along the windows in the Waukesha recount room where tabulators were recounting the absentee ballots and finding numerous errors for various different reasons. These are close-up shots of some of the New Berlin Ward tabulators... Continue reading

Sue, Waukesha County

These photos and videos show the high speed ESS DS850 machine being set up, used to count ballots, or discussed at the Waukesha County recount location on 12/05/16. It's important to note that it was physically impossible to read any of the content (including presidential candidate votes) on any of the individual ballots when they were actively running through the DS850 machines. Furthermore, there was never an opportunity to view individual ballots prior to them being inserted into the DS850 machine. Rather, ballots were often stacked, placed face-down so presidential candidate votes weren't visible, and/or moved too fast through the machine to be reasonably read by the human eye even when standing within 2 feet of the DS850. Conversations about how the DS850 machine specifically counts ballots (especially "over" and "under" votes) was particularly confusing. In my opinion more conversations and informative exchanges between the ESS company, the Waukesha Board of Canvassers, and other experts could be needed to clarify how the mechanics and data collection used by the DS850 could be impacting final ballot counts. Continue reading

Michele, Waukesha County

I gave report to --. There wasn't a lot of recounting going on, much lag time...Generally, I found Waukesha to be an inhospitable place to us. Other than that, I did experience ballots going in upside down. After questioning about it, the tabulator said "These machines are great, they read them either way" His fellow tabulator said "You're not supposed to be seeing the ballots anyway, are you?" I answered that I believe I was, that this is a process for the public. This was the county to cut your teeth on...quite eye- opening. --, the clerk, and her team appeared quite disorganized, hostile at times, annoyed with us. There were many hours during which the tabulators were sitting, waiting. The machine I was at waited almost two hours to get its final count read. I am a beginner, coming from Illinois, but even so, I am feeling very suspicious about this place. Thank you to --, and the other wonderful observers I met.