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Medea Benjamin Endorses Jill and Ajamu


medea.jpgThat one word says it all if you’ve been to the rallies I’ve been to, or seen the impressive and diverse list of names who are supporting Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka.

They are amazing in their compassion and amazing in the hope they bring. This is real people power.

Jill and Ajamu represent a tremendous joining together of compassionate people under the banner of the Green Party in the race for the White House.

I firmly believe that this revolutionary movement promoting the restructuring of society with bold ideas, can and will transform government from catering to the 1% to caring for the 99%.

And this is the reason I wholeheartedly endorse Jill and Ajamu.

As a social activist and co-founder of CODEPINK and Global Exchange, I’ve successfully changed multinational corporate policy, improved the lives of sweatshop workers, and received awards from diverse humanitarian groups - including a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. I’ve even helped you get your “fair trade” coffee at coffee shops.

I’ve witnessed, with my own eyes, the power and beauty of fusing social movements into one overarching "movement of movements" like the Green Party, one that’s willing to use electoral politics as a tactic for desperately needed transformation and real change.

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Upcoming Campaign Events

Detroit Event
Ypsilanti Event

Americans deserve real solutions for the economic, social and environmental crises we face. But the broken political system is only making things worse.

It's time to build a people's movement to end unemployment and poverty; avert climate catastrophe; build a sustainable, just economy; and recognize the dignity and human rights of every person. The power to create this new world is not in our hopes; it’s not in our dreams — it's in our hands.
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Jill Stein selects human rights activist Ajamu Baraka as VP running mate

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Join with thousands of your neighbors to build the momentum for real change. Support Jill Stein's people-powered campaign today! Any amount you give will go to support the candidate who puts people, planet, and peace over profit—every time.



Campaign Updates

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and Vice Presidential candidate Ajamu Baraka call on voters to support over 250 Green Party candidates running for state and local office in 2016.

"Across America, the Green Party is offering alternatives to the failed two-party system," said Stein. "Each time we put a Green on a city council or a local board, the political atmosphere changes for the better. Greens come to office with real solutions to the issues facing our people and planet, instead of just protecting the status quo."

John_Oliver.jpgThe Jill Stein for President campaign released the following statement after an episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver in which he singled out Dr. Stein’s proposal to cancel student debt for criticism:

We were pleasantly surprised when John Oliver’s research team reached out to us regarding several statements that have been frequently taken out of context to ask if we felt they were missing any context, which we promptly provided. It was beyond disappointing to see that our responses were completely ignored. The same tired, misleading attack lines were trotted out, and Oliver chose to misrepresent our campaign on the lone substantive issue that he addressed: our plan to cancel student debt.

jill_Ajamu_cspan.jpgDid you see Jill and Ajamu Tuesday night during the C-SPAN Town Hall? If you did, you know just how awesome they were. If you didn’t, you missed quite a progressive performance. Luckily, you can see it on our website.

Answering questions from the moderator, questions from tweets, and questions from callers, Jill and Ajamu outlined clearly what's at stake for voters on a wide range of topics. They took on climate change to war in Syria to institutionalized racism and police brutality.

A highlight of the hour-long program came when a Hillary supporter, Steve from Wisconsin, asked Jill if she would take her name off the ballot in battleground states because he was worried that Jill will act as a “spoiler” for Hillary in those states.