Campaign Events

Catch up with the campaign on the road. We'll be crisscrossing the country to meet supporters, hear your ideas, and build a movement. 

  • Build the Revolution: March with the Green Party and Dr. Jill Stein in Philly on Monday July 25
    March for our Lives followed by the Power to the People Rally


    The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign will host the MARCH FOR OUR LIVES March of the Poor, Homeless, Unemployed in Philly at the DNC on Monday July 25, 3 PM (start at the south side of City Hall).

    See  for more details and sign up for buses from your city. This march has been endorsed by the Green Party of the US and Jill Stein for President.

    Join the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign in the fight for economic justice by protesting the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia! Join Us in Demanding an End to Unemployment, Hunger and Homelessness, Money for Education, Single Payer Health Care, Affordable, Accessible Housing, Living Wages, and an End to the Prison Industrial Complex.

    Money for the poor not for WAR!

    The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights campaign is inspired by and a continuation of the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Poor People’s Campaign. PPEHRC is one of the largest poor people’s movements representing dozens of grass roots groups led by the poor, that is a multi-racial, multi-generational organization of both women and men.

    Please join with the Greens and Jill in marching in support of this important event.

    Click here to see the event on Facebook and invite friends!

  • Following the March for Our Lives, Dr. Jill Stein will hold a Power to the People Rally from 6pm to 9 PM at FDR park across from the Wells Fargo convention center.


    Featuring speakers and musicians for a real progressive revolution, including Dr. Jill Stein, Chris Hedges, Marc Lamont Hill, Immortal Technique, Dr. Margaret Flowers, YahNe Ndgo, Medea Benjamin, Rosa Clemente, Howie Hawkins, Cheri Honkala, Mic Crenshaw, German Parodi, and more!

    THE PEOPLE DEMAND a Green New Deal – Full Employment through 100% clean energy by 2030, abolition of student debt, a foreign policy based on human rights and international law. Legalize drugs and an end to mass incarceration. Full Support for immigrant and LGBT rights.

    Join Us For A People’s Revolution!

    UPDATE: Today's forecast is high of 94 with 40% chance of rain/thunderstorms. The rally will be under a tent, but make sure to bring water as it is likely to be hot. And invite your friends!

    Volunteers needed for the rally and during the week! Click here to plug in.

    Contact Alia ( if you have questions about how to get involved with the rally.

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  • Jill Stein will participate in a panel discussion on how to continue the political revolution. Other speakers are Bhaskar Sunkara (Jacobin Magazine), Steve Williams (LeftRoots), Niko House (President North Carolina College Students for Bernie) and Chris Hedges.

    The session will take place in the Race Street Room.


  • Join Us in Houston for the Green Party National Convention and Annual Meeting

    Please join us at the Green Party's 2016 Annual National Meeting, which runs from Thursday, August 4  through Sunday, August 7.

    Jill Stein in Houston SPECIAL EVENTS

    Thursday-Sunday:   Visit the Jill Stein Campaign Store in the Student Center at the University of Houston.  You can pick up buttons, bumper stickers, and some great t-shirts.

    Friday, August 5: Meet Jill at a meet-and-greet reception to start at approximately 7pm in the Student Center at the University of Houston.  Light refreshments will be served.

    Saturday, August 6:  Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention.  Come show your support for Jill as the delegates nominate the presidential and vice-presidential candidates for the Green Party.

    Saturday, August 6:  Come to the Party for the Revolution  which starts at 7pm in the ballroom in the Student Center.  This will be a celebration of what we have accomplished as well as a blockbuster campaign rally to launch Jill into the home stretch.   Free tickets will be provided for everyone attending the ANM.  Additional tickets will be available for Jill's supporters who were not at the ANM. Can't make it to Houston? Find out how you can host your own watch party with the event's livestream!

    Thursday-Sunday:  A series of campaign training workshops will be held in the Student Center.  These are a great opportunity to plug into the volunteer initiatives of the campaign and to hit the ground running when you return home.  The Stein campaign is rewriting the book on how to run a Green campaign, and our experts will help you acquire skills in social media and press relations that will be invaluable in your local party building initiatives.  The greatest number of workshops are scheduled for 9am-12 noon on Sunday.  A complete schedule will be provided in July.


    The Annual National Meeting runs from Thursday, August 4 though Sunday, August 7, and includes the Presidential Nominating Convention which will occur on Saturday, August 6.  Anyone may register for the ANM,  but only people who have been designated as delegates by their state party will be able to vote at the Presidential Nominating Convention.  For more information on the Annual National Meeting,  go to

  • Jill Stein invites you to join her at the Party for the Revolution as she kicks off the final phase of her momentous presidential campaign. The party will start at 7pm in Houston (that's Central Time) on Saturday, August 6 (ballroom at the U. of Houston Student Center). There will be great music, inspiring speeches and a chance to get to know Jill's vice-presidential running mate.

    Can't make it to Houston? Find out how to host or join a livestream viewing party! We'll be featuring a select number of house parties during the event. Show us what you got!

    Also Featuring:

    • Inspiring guest speakers
    • Food & Cash Bar
    • Music, Fun AND YOU

    Admission to the party is free, although we will ask attendees to make a voluntary donation to the campaign. RSVP below to reserve your ticket! 


    If you are in Houston, please plan to attend our set of campaign workshops on Sunday morning, August 7. This will let you plug in to the nationwide movement that is changing politics in America.  For more information on all the Houston events, including the Green Party Annual National Meeting,  click here.