2017: The year of opposition?

Originally published at Guardian.ng On January 20, 2017, the 45th President of the United States of America will be sworn in. For the first time in history, the president will take office with no prior political or military experience.  In a few months time from now, the British Prime Minister will trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, formally starting the UK’s exit from the European Union. Although both these incidents have tinges of a dystopian/end of days novel, they also mark the beginning of a new era in Western politics. Continue reading

In 2017: Occupy. Resist. Build Power.

The 2016 Presidential election has left our nation reeling. Donald Trump’s shock victory is the result of the massive failure of the corporate two-party system, which imposed a whiteout on progressive and independent campaigns while producing the most disliked and untrusted major-party candidates in history. This toxic election has delivered a uniquely toxic result: right wing extremists, bigots and blowhards will take control of government starting in January, casting a distressing shadow over our future.As the two-party system hits rock bottom, momentous grassroots struggles are being waged outside the political establishment: at Standing Rock, in the Black Lives Matter movement, the Fight for 15,and more. In these emerging political spaces, we can make this breaking point for the establishment a tipping point towards a new politics for people, planet, and peace over profit.Greens are uniquely positioned to help lead the way.  From Dreamers and student debtors to pipeline resisters, people are building their voices and power in the streets. Our campaign was honored to stand with these movements on the frontlines. Continue reading

Letter to Department of Justice

EMERY CELLI BRINCKERHOFF & ABADY LLP ATTORNEYS AT LAW600 FIFTH AVENUE AT ROCKEFELLER CENTER 10 TH FLOOR NEW YORK, NEW YORK 10020   December 23, 2016 Attorney General Loretta LynchU.S. Department of Justice 950 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington, DC 20530 Re: Election integrity Dear Attorney General Lynch: We are counsel to Jill Stein and the Stein Campaign in connection with the recounts she sought in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. We write to urge the Department of Justice to launch an investigation into the integrity of our nation’s election system generally, and our nation’s voting machines specifically, based on the information we discovered in the course of this representation. The attempted recount process has uncovered that voting machines relied on in these states and across the country are prone to human and machine error, especially in under-resourced black and brown communities, and vulnerable to tampering and hacking. The recount also found that the states’ efforts to protect their systems may be insufficient, particularly in low-income communities and communities of color. Each of these grave concerns warrants federal intervention. Continue reading

MONDAY: As Trump Tries To Suppress Presidential Vote Counts, Jill Stein To Hold Rally And Press Conference Outside Trump Tower

As Recount Campaign Files in Federal Court to Intervene in PA Recount, Stein Escalates Fight Against Trump’s Desperate Efforts to Obstruct Recounts in All 3 States NEW YORK, NY – As Donald’s Trump’s margin in Pennsylvania drops significantly and his team desperately rushes to block recounts in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, Dr. Jill Stein will host a rally and press conference outside Trump Tower on Monday, December 5 at 10:00AM ET, vowing to fight tooth and nail to verify the accuracy, security, and fairness of the vote. Continue reading

USA Today Op-Ed: Why the Recount Matters

Our electoral system is under threat. There is nothing more important to our American way of life than our democracy. The lifeblood of this nation is the principle that each citizen’s vote is equal when it comes to choosing our president. But in the age of computerized voting machines and unprecedented corporate influence in our elections, our electoral system is under increasing threat. How can every citizen’s voice be heard if we do not know if every citizen’s vote is counted correctly? Continue reading

We Stand With You: Stein/Baraka Campaign in Solidarity with Communities under Threat

The Stein/Baraka campaign expresses outrage at the horrific attacks and threats that have been leveled at communities that are in the crosshairs of a Trump presidency. We want to acknowledge the real heartache, pain and worry that people of color, women, immigrants, Muslims, LGBTQIA+, poor and working people are feeling. We also wish to express our deep sorrow and outrage at the attacks that many Green Party supporters have been subjected to for months, and even more intensely in the last few days. Our supporters, friends and staff have reported being subjected to a steady stream of harassment, abuse and threats, up to and including death threats. Continue reading

Looking for someone to blame? It's not third parties

Op-Ed by Jill Stein. Originally Published in The Guardian. As news of Hillary Clinton’s shocking loss sinks in, many Clinton supporters looking for someone to blame are pointing fingers at a familiar scapegoat: people who voted outside the two-party system.Pundits are already trying to blame Libertarian Gary Johnson and me, the Green party candidate, for Trump’s win. For example, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow concocted a scenario in which by taking every Stein vote and half of Johnson’s votes, Clinton could have grabbed enough states from Trump to eke out an electoral college win, a story repeated by CNN. Unwilling to accept that Clinton didn’t motivate enough voters to win the presidency, and explore the reasons why, many pundits are instead looking to put responsibility for the loss onto others. Continue reading

A call to progressives: Help build and own the Green Party

By David CobbOriginally published at The Hill It hasn’t been an easy election year for progressives. Many were crushed when Bernie Sandersfailed to pull off a historic upset of establishment pick Hillary Clinton, then outraged when leaked emails proved what they already knew — that the Democratic Party elite had conspired against Sanders’ political revolution the whole time. But with the racist, sexist billionaire buffoon Donald Trump leading the GOP, many progressives have resigned themselves to pulling the lever for Clinton in an attempt to keep Trumpismo at bay. But before you accept yet another election year of “lesser evilism,” allow yourself to consider investing your vote in the Green Party. Continue reading

Stein/Baraka campaign slams Daily Kos blog site for publishing false claims and attacking a young woman of color

The Stein/Baraka Green Party presidential campaign responded today to false claims circulated on blog site Daily Kos that the Green Party and the Stein campaign had endorsed Donald Trump.“The Green Party has endorsed Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka, and any claims that the Green Party has endorsed or otherwise encouraged support for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or any other representative of the two predatory corporate political parties is a bald-faced lie,” said Stein/Baraka campaign manager David Cobb. “In a year when record numbers of Americans consider both corporate party nominees to be untrustworthy due to their documented history of lying, it’s not unsurprising that many of their supporters would resort to this sort of dishonesty. Sadly, this just makes the political process even more toxic and divisive.”The false claim has been debunked by the popular fact-checking website Snopes.com, which rated the article’s headline and central claim false (along with similar claims from other sources). Continue reading

Jill Stein op-ed: The real reason millennials are going Green

Young people are planning to break from the two-party system in unprecedented numbers this year. Their discontent is real: one May 2016 poll showed 91 percent of voters under age 29 wanted an independent challenger to Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Media pundits have reacted harshly toward these young rebels, especially those supporting me and Ajamu Baraka, who as progressive Green candidates are constantly framed as taking votes from Clinton. But instead of attacking our young voters, why not ask what’s motivating them to vote outside the two-party box? They’re well aware of the conventional wisdom that they should vote for the “lesser evil,” which the media has beaten into them for months. What few pundits have been willing to admit is that for many young people, voting Green is not a whim but a well-considered decision. Continue reading