In Moscow, Stein Called for Foreign Policy of Principled Collaboration

Content originally published December 15, 2015 (MOSCOW) United States foreign policy in the Middle East is failing badly because it is built upon a futile quest for military and economic domination, according to Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein.  Speaking as part of a panel of foreign policy experts at a forum organized by the RT news network, Stein said that solutions to problems such as jihadi terrorism would require Russia and the United States to work together, shedding outdated cold war attitudes that prevented collaboration on problems facing both nations. Continue reading

Brief in Support of Our Motion in Federal Court

From the inception of the recount efforts, we made it clear that we were committed to ensuring the integrity of the elections, and that we were not trying to change the outcome. In that spirit, we are continuing to fight for voting justice in federal court. Here is a link to our latest brief. In essence, our case challenges the unfairness of Pennsylvania’s election system as a whole.  Forcing voters to use unreliable machines that don’t work, and then preventing voters from taking meaningful steps to ensure that their votes count, is simply not fair.  The Constitution protects not just the right to vote, but the right to have your vote count. Continue reading

Final Report on Wisconsin Recount

Following the November 2016 General Election, Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein requested a recount in Wisconsin, for reasons laid out in the following report. The 2016 election in Wisconsin was remarkable for a number of reasons: the lowest voter turnout in decades, draconian new voter ID laws, and unusual and unexpected results in the Presidential contest, to name a few. Because the recount did not change the winner of Wisconsin’s electoral vote, state officials maintain that the election processes were satisfactory. Nothing could be further from the truth. The following report documents the many inadequacies and oversights generally accepted as routine by our election administrators. Read the full report. Continue reading

Recount 2016 Releases Preliminary Report for Wisconsin: Thousands of miscounted votes discovered by recount

For immediate Release - Tuesday, March 1, 2017 Contact:Recount 2016, Damian Christianson, damianrecount@gmail.comCount My Vote WI, Dace Zeps, Recount 2016 Releases Preliminary Report for Wisconsin:Thousands of miscounted votes discovered by recount The Recount of the Presidential Election in Wisconsin following the November 2016 General Election exposed glaring problems with the way the state certifies elections and conducts recounts. Staff and volunteers for Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein’s Recount 2016 team in Wisconsin have pored over county minutes and observer reports and have released an executive summary of their findings. Continue reading

Response to Tom Perez Election

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - February 26, 2017Jill Stein Responds to Election of Tom Perez to DNC ChairJill Stein, 2016 Green Party Presidential candidate, made the following statement after Tom Perez won the election for chair of the Democratic National Committee: “The election of establishment insider Tom Perez as DNC chair confirms yet again what so many have been thinking: the Democratic Party is unwilling and unable to reform itself. After the blatant corruption of the 2016 election where the DNC sabotaged the Bernie Sanders campaign to clear the way for Hillary Clinton, for party elites to select a Clinton-linked insider demonstrates an arrogant refusal to even acknowledge the problems that have sent the party’s base streaming towards the exits. Continue reading

Finally! The epic court battle we've been waiting for.

When we decided to initiate a recount, together with over 10,000 volunteers and 161,000 donors, we knew it wouldn’t be easy. But we had little idea how hard the political establishment would fight against transparent, accountable elections. In Michigan, Trump’s GOP cronies stopped the recount despite - or maybe because of - revelations about major problems with the vote count, particularly in under-resourced black and brown communities. In Wisconsin, although the law was on our side, many low-income communities of color most vulnerable to tampering never got the hand recount needed to verify the vote. But the worst mess was in Pennsylvania, where over 80% of voters use touch-screen machines with no tangible paper backup. These paperless voting machines are so vulnerable to hacking and so difficult to verify that they have been banned in most states. Continue reading

Jill Stein: Trump Humiliated by Losing Popular Vote

  Published at Bloomberg News, January 27 Jan.27 -- Jill Stein, 2016 Green Party presidential candidate, discusses President Donald Trump's claims of voter fraud and the future of health care in the United States. She speaks on "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Green Partiers Call Standing Rock Pipeline Fight ‘The Issue of Our Time’

Bernie Sanders delegate and Native American political activist Allison Renville, center, speaks on a panel at the Progressive Unity Summit. Madina Toure/Observer WASHINGTON, D.C.—Former Green Party presidential candidates Jill Stein and Ralph Nader told a Native American political activist at the Progressive Unity Summit yesterday afternoon that the fight to block the Dakota Access Pipeline from running upriver of the Standing Rock Sioux reservation  is “the issue of our time”—and will require collaboration from everyone. The $3.7 billion, 1,172-mile pipeline would connect the Bakken and Three Forks production areas in North Dakota and Pakota, Illinois, and pass just north of the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota, crossing under the Missouri River—the reservation’s only source of water. In response to a question from an American Indian activist in the audience, Nader noted that he visited the Sioux reservation and many of the reservations in 1955—and that Standing Rock activist Winona LaDuke was his running mate in 2000 and had her speak on the radio about the issue a few weeks ago. Continue reading

Jill Stein, Chase Iron Eyes and Tim Canova Trace the Path Forward for Progressives

Posted at on Jan 23, 2017 By Donald Kaufman On Saturday, 2016 presidential candidate Jill Stein spoke with law professor Tim Canova at the Green Party’s Inaugurate the Resistance event at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza in Washington, D.C. They considered whether the Democratic Party is reformable and debated the importance of its progressive wing. Their discussion also covered the future of the two dominant parties and the importance of grass-roots movements. At that same event, Chase Iron Eyes, an American Indian activist and member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, explored the importance of nonviolent resistance, the assault on Native American culture and women, and the situation on the ground in North Dakota concerning the Dakota Access pipeline. Continue reading

‘The Veil Has Come Off’—Jill Stein Rallies Occupiers After Trump Inauguration

Originally published at Dr. Jill Stein, the 2016 Green Party presidential candidate, spoke at the Occupy Inauguration “Inaugurate the Resistance” event. Madina Toure/Observer WASHINGTON, D.C.—Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein told a crowd of supporters last night that President Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday represented a “scary” moment in the country’s history—but said she was glad that the “veil has come off” and people are starting to turn against the“predatory bipartisan political system.” Stein made the remarks at Occupy Inauguration‘s “Inaugurate the Resistance” event at Almas Temple. Just hours before, 500,000 people turned up in the nation’s capital for the Women’s March on Washington to protest the Republican agenda on healthcare, immigrant and the rights of racial and sexual minorities. Continue reading